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Quality Lawn Care In Odessa, FL

Odessa is an inland census-designated community that gives its residents access to all aspects of nature. With numerous bodies of water and the Starkey Wildlife Preserve just to the north, adventure is never far away. There are also grills, vibrant bars, and lots of locally owned businesses. Residents also benefit from quiet neighborhoods that make for good walking paths. Odessa is within close proximity to Tampa, so there is always fun to be had. When you want to keep your Odessa lawn looking and feeling good, there’s one solution that you can trust.

At Turf Tactics, LLC, we deliver quality lawn care in Odessa, FL, so that your yard is always healthy and protected from possible invaders. We provide a variety of services that are designed to help you maintain a quality lawn. Since 2008, we have been providing customized services to meet your needs. We are committed to excellence, work to meet your budget, and use innovative treatments. To request your quote, call us today!

How Often Should You Fertilize A Yard In Odessa?

When you live in Odessa, your lawn is where you spend most of your time, so you want to keep it healthy and enjoy it. But year-round conditions can make maintaining that type of lawn a challenge. Fertilizing can help improve the overall quality of your lawn, provide protection from pest invaders, reduce weeds, and provide a host of other benefits. In order to reap the benefits of a well-fertilized lawn, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first time you apply fertilizer should be in the middle of spring. You’ll want to make two more applications throughout the summertime and then a final fertilization in early fall.

Understanding the schedule of fertilization and what fertilizer to use can be tricky, which is why Turf Tactics, LLC is here to help. For more information on fertilization services in Odessa, call us today.

The Key To Preventing Weeds In Odessa Yards

Weeds are capable of depriving Odessa’s yards of the nutrients that they need in order to thrive. They can appear very quickly and, oftentimes, without your knowledge. To make matters worse, some people may be feeding and watering these weeds by accident, which only makes them stronger. At Turf Tactics, LLC, we have the key to preventing weeds from becoming an issue.

As the area’s trusted lawn experts, we offer a variety of services that are geared at creating healthy lawns. We use cutting-edge technology and top-shelf products in all of the work that we do. One of our signature services addresses weeds before they become an issue. We use a pre-emergent that will yield immediate yet lasting results. This service is provided when weeds are dormant and can target species such as clover and dollarweed. Additionally, we can perform spot treatments as they’re needed for greater protection. To learn more about our weed prevention services in Odessa, please call us today. 

How Fungus And Lawn Pests Can Destroy A Yard In Odessa

Odessa lawns are left exposed to invaders such as lawn pests and fungus throughout the year.

Here are some of the ways that these issues can harm a yard:

  • Fungus: When fungus invades a lawn, it essentially kills it over time causing splotchy brown areas. An issue with fungus can also look like brown spots on blades of grass and dry parts of the lawn. 
  • Lawn pests: Invaders such as chinch bugs and grubs feed off of the nutrients in a yard, which can make soil and grass weakened and deficient. 

At Turf Tactics, LLC, we work day and night to keep all pest invaders away from local lawns. We offer a variety of services that aim to keep lawns healthy and free from trouble. For more information on fungus and lawn pest control, call us today.

Ways To Deter Mosquitoes In Odessa

Mosquitoes are a seasonal issue for Odessa residents, but with a few key tips, they can become a little less overwhelming:

  • Eliminate stagnant water sources: Mosquitoes look for areas of standing water so that they can lay their eggs. They often flock to bird baths or still puddles, so make sure that no water accumulates and turn over kiddie pools and pet bowls routinely. 
  • Maintain a clean yard: These pests may also hide out amidst yard clutter, which makes routine lawn cleanings a must. Try to eliminate all leaf and debris piles as well as fallen branches. It may also be helpful to prune regularly to expose more sunlight. 
  • Incorporate certain plants: Plants such as lavender, citronella, and fresh herbs contain natural properties that are repellent to mosquitoes, so they may offer some relief. 
  • Reduce human attraction: Female mosquitoes are lured to people because they need human blood in order to lay their eggs. To make yourself unappealing to mosquitoes, use unscented hygiene products, consume less alcohol, and stay indoors during dusk and dawn. 
  • Work with a professional: The most effective way to see a reduction in mosquito populations is with seasonal treatments from a pest control expert. 

For more information on mosquito treatments in Odessa, call Turf Tactics, LLC today.